#21 Fraser River Trail ~ Southlands

Located in Vancouver’s Southlands neighbourhood, a rural area near UBC and the Musqueam Nation is a short section of the Fraser River Experience.  The Fraser River Trail was built as a horse trail by local equestrians and it’s polite to yield to horses and riders along the trail.  The trail is mostly hard packed dirt and makes for easy riding.  There are information kiosks along the route telling the history of this former industrial area on the Fraser River

Distance: 6km
Rating: easy, mostly hard packed gravel or quiet country roads

Vancouver’s Rural Southlands

Start at SW Marine Drive at Blenheim
1. South on Blenheim Street
2. Left/East on West 51st (Visit the Southlands Heritage Farm on the corner of 51st and Balaclava St.
3. Right/South on Balaclava
4. Right/West on 53rd Ave
5. South/Left Carrington St.
6. Optional Route: Left/East on Celtic Ave (or take the dirt trail to the south) (Past historic Celtic Shipyards)
7. Enter Fraser River Trail at foot of Balaclava StreetExplore the trail and see the art along the route
8. Exit the trail at the east end near McCleery Golf Course.
9. West on Celtic Ave
10. Right/north on Carnarvon St
11. Right/east 53rd Ave then turn around and follow 53rd to Blenheim St

Start of the Fraser River Trail – yield to horses and golf balls !

Cyclists yield to horses – stop and wait for rider to tell you when to go

There’s alot of art along the route — mostly about the history of the area — it was a key industrial part of the riverway for years

Deering Island: Cross over the bridge and this small community. There is a small park that is a good place to have a picnic lunch with a view of the working river.

Musqueam Lands:

  • Follow the trail west from Deering Island (this part may be a bit muddy) as it goes past the golf course then heads north along Musqueam Creek – an area that is in the process of being restored as a salmon bearing habitat.
  • At 51st Ave turn Left/West and visit the Musqueam Community
  • Left/South at Salish Drive and follow the road to the riverfront to see the new Community Center.
  • There is an additional optional route along the Musqueam golf club on the river. There is a small section of trail that goes into the golf course, but the trail back to the shoreline is blocked and difficult to get through (lots of blackberries).  Try it if you like or head back on the same route returning to the Southlands area.
  • All in all an amazing part of Vancouver that many people don’t know about … yet!

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