Active Transportation ! Your Voice Needed

HUB Cycling needs your help!

YOUR VOICE COUNTS – motivate the provincial government to take bold action on active transportation.

• Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure recently made important strides on active transportation in BC, but with fewer than half the population close to cycling facilities that are “Comfortable for Most”, the cycling network remains disconnected. The groundwork is laid — it’s time to get moving.

USE THE LETTER WRITING TOOL to (easily) send a letter to your MLA and Ministers responsible for increasing the investment in Active Transportation infrastructure. Write a Letter

HUB Cycling recommends
• Province of BC increases funding for Active Transportation municipality grants to $45 million per year and total government funding for cycling to $100 million per year.
• proactively invest in projects that serve underserved and racialized communities and empower them to get to work affordably, quickly, and safely to improve public health and quality of life in communities

Use the HUB letter writing tool to send a letter to your MLA now. Write a Letter

• Thank you for your support in getting more people cycling, more often!

Navdeep Chhina – Director of Campaigns & Inclusion ~ HUB Cycling

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