Letter Writing Works!

Letters are an effective way of letting public officials know how people feel about making our streets safer for walking and cycling. For each letter received, they assume that several hundred other people feel the same way.

Please take a few moments to write a letter to a government official and the editor of your local news publication in support of cycling projects.

Arbutus Letters

Please take a few minutes to send an email

Aug 2017: BC Cycling Coalition says ” The NDP and the Green’s both committed to developing and funding an Active Transportation Strategy. Sending letters to MLA’s is an excellent way to ensure that they follow through on this promise. Please visit our Active Transportation page for more information and to send a letter.”

Another important matter is the introduction of a Safer Passing Law. The BC Green’s were in support of this in our survey while the BC NDP were open to the idea. Please visit our Safer Passing Page for more information. On this page, you have the ability to write a letter to the Premier, Party leaders, the Minister of Transportation, and your MLA. In addition, going into your local constituency office and meeting with your elected official to share your personal stories also have the ability to make a very large impact. As always, please also pass this link around to all those who you think may be interested.

Provincial and Municipal Contacts:

BC Cycling Coalition: http://www.bccc.bc.ca
HUB Vancouver: https://bikehub.ca/helpful-information-about-cycling-in-metro-vancouver

BC Government email: premier@gov.bc.ca and cc:
oppositionleader@leg.bc.ca, FIN.Minister@gov.bc.ca, andrew.weaver.mla@leg.bc.ca, hlth.minister@gov.bc.ca, Minister.Transportation@gov.bc.ca, ENV.Minister@gov.bc.ca, claire.trevena.MLA@leg.bc.ca, carole.james.mla@leg.bc.ca, spencer.herbert.MLA@leg.bc.ca, david.eby.MLA@leg.bc.ca, judy.darcy.mla@leg.bc.ca, climateleadershipplan@gov.bc.ca, president@bccc.bc.ca,,

BC Mayors Contacts: http://www.bccc.bc.ca/write_mayor_and_council

Federal Government email the Honourable Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport ~ mintc@tc.gc.ca and cc:
pm@pm.gc.ca, Amarjeet.Sohi@parl.gc.ca, Catherine.McKenna@parl.gc.ca, Jane.Philpott@parl.gc.ca, Bill.Morneau@parl.gc.ca, fin.2016pbc-cpb2016.fin@canada.ca,info@canadabikes.org,president@bccc.bc.ca



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