ACTION ALERT: Cycling in Vancouver Parks

Hello People Who Like to Bike in Vancouver!

Help to ensure we can all enjoy biking in Vancouver parks for years to come. The Vancouver Park Board is preparing to vote on a master plan for City of Vancouver parks which will shape policy on biking in parks for the next 25 years.

HUB Cycling does not believe that this plan is friendly to biking in parks and we strongly feel that urgent action is needed to change the Park Board’s approach to cycling in parks, currently expressed as: “to, not through”. 

We know that park cycling can be the most beautiful experience, the best place for children to learn to ride and for all people less confident on their bikes to feel safe and delighted. This is our chance to influence Park Board policy on biking in parks, ensuring that safe recreational cycling for all is included. 

Do you want parks in the future to welcome you, your friends and families to cycle gently in them? Then please send this message! HUB Cycling is asking each of you to send a letter (they have created a draft you can use to compose your email) to the Park Board Commissioners – it takes an instant to send our email or you can modify it and make your own.  Here is a link to Speak up now! email Park Board Commissioners.

More info on the 25 Year Plan and the Park Board “to, not through” approach is available here.

Lisa Slakov
Park Board Liaison, HUB Cycling Vancouver-UBC Committee

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