BC Election + Cycling = Your Voice Counts

Tell your local MLA and all the BC candidates how you feel about safe cycling.

TAKE ACTION: HUB Cycling’s LetterWritingTool makes it quick and easy for you to send a letter to all the candidates …here’s the link – feel free to edit and tell about your important community issues & concerns.

More information about HUB’s election details

Your voice counts, please take a minute + write in and be heard.


Trails Society of BC suggests asking your MLA Candidates

1. If elected, will you personally support legislation that priortizes rail trails for self-propelled use for users of all ages and abilities?

2. If elected, will you personally support amending Forest Range and Practices Act to prioritize self-propelled recreation over industrial use and extraction on rail trails and other recreation trails?

3. If elected, will you personally support the increase in revenues to municipalities, regional districts, and First Nations to improve active transportation planning and infrastructure?

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