Bike The Blossoms

Ride is Saturday April 20, 2019 ~  11am-1pm Start from south side of John Hendry Park

This year Pop-Up City Hall and Project 529 will be on-site to help participants with anti-bike-theft measures, making it harder for thieves to steal your bikes and easier to get them back if stolen! Please come with your bike’s serial number and the OS/Android app already downloaded to your phone for a quick and easy process! Click here for more info and read this.

If you would like to join in on the ride, but don’t own a bike, no worries! You can sign up with MOBI for the day (24hr pass) online, grab a bike from a local station and ride to the lake and just pay the overage fees $5 per 30 mins, cheaper than a bike shop if you just want a bike for 2-3hrs. Closest stations are close by Commercial drive skytrain, there are 2 within a block!

Please also remember that safety comes first and wear your helmet while riding your bikes.

Come on out and join the fun!  More information here: Bike the Blossoms 2019



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