Be Seen + Be Safe

Do you ride or walk at night? Are you visible? Check that your clothing has some reflection and turn on your bike lights. Be sure you can be seen to be safe.

Add something reflective to your outerwear – a hang tag, a belt or badge can make all the difference.

Usually I like to wear regular clothes when cycling and a safety vest was never appealing. Always on the lookout for unique products I discovered the Vespertine line of reflective clothing and accessories. I was instantly impressed with the simplicity of the designs. It turns out the designer Sarah Canner created these functional yet stylish products based on her own experience cycling at night.  After a close call with a bus she knew she had to make herself more visible.

Knowing that others would benefit she started designing reflective clothing and accessories that people would actually wear. With a vision of style and simple practicallity she created the Vespert ves.  It’s safety wear you’ll want to wear.

These bright little vests are made in NYC with bright 3M Scotchlight reflective fabric that is visible 2000 feet from a car’s headlights. That’s a long range! It comes in 4 bright neon colors and is made of recycled polyester. The vest folds into it’s own tiny flap, tucks easily in a pocket or bag and layers over anything I am wearing – from a tshirt to a bulky coat. It has two handy inner pockets for all those little essentials.

And it’s not just for cycling … whether you bike, walk the dog, push a stroller, jog, skateboard or ride a moped this vest does the job to make you more visible.

Vespertine has many other well-designed products such as belts, hats, headbands, shoelaces, scarves and jewelry.  Visit their website at  #makeAseen

Let’s Go Biking says: Thumbs up for design, practicality and it just might save your life!

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