Barnston Island with Mason and Blake

The Hebert Family’s Adventure on Barnston Island:

We did (well, attempted) Barnston Island yesterday.  We managed to get on the ferry and about half way around, having so much fun, then BOTH of Blake’s tires blew!!  He kept falling and we didn’t know why, then we noticed his tires.  Ricky pulled about 7 or 8 very large blackberry prickles from them!!  Never thought a blackberry prickle would pop a tire…  let alone two!!

So, then the adventure started.  I had to double Mason back on my bike, while Blake rode Mason’s bike and Ricky carried Blake’s bike over his shoulders while riding his own bike!  We are definitely going back to do it again, though.  It’s so neat and so flat!  What a cute little place.  Can’t believe I had never been there before!

Lessons learned:
– don’t go on a day that is so scorching hot!
– bring a bike patch kit (we brought a pump, but that didn’t help us)
– bring bandaids and some kleenex for the wounded

OH, and it took us about 10-15 minutes to get there.  Over the Golden Ears bridge, follow the signs for #1W, stay on Golden Ears way (go under the highway) and turn Right at Fraser Hwy (#15/176), and turn Right at 104.

When can we go again?

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