Speak Up ~ Your Cycling Wishes & Ideas

“I wish they would … ”

Do you wish for better cycling routes for you and your family?
Do you have an idea for a route, a connection, anything cycle-related?
Many people do and don’t know who to contact.

Your ideas are needed and here are a few things you can do.

1. Write a letter or send an email to the city, your MLA, or a cycling organization. Each letter received signals that many more would like to see positive changes in their community.  The more letters, the louder the voice.  Add your full name, address and phone when emailing. Here are some of the BC Cycling Coalition suggestions for writing:

2. Who to send it to:
Premier Christy Clark ~ premier@gov.bc.ca
Minister of Transportation BC: Blair Lekstrom ~ blair.lekstrom.mla@leg.bc.ca
Your MLA  ~ http://www.leg.bc.ca/mla/3-1-1.htm
NDP Leader ~ adrian.dix.MLA@leg.bc.ca
Tell the Mayor ~ http://vancouver.ca/your-government/contact-mayor-robertson.aspx
Your Mayor ~ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mayors_in_British_Columbia
3. Join an organization working on your behalf:
HUB Vancouver bikehub.ca4. More Cycling Information:

Vancouver Cycling 
BC Cycling

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