Kids on Wheels

Kids on Wheels Mission
Our mission is to introduce young children in British Columbia to the joy of cycling and active, outdoor, sustainable lifestyles by empowering them to use balance bikes and engaging them through fun classroom activities.
Kids on Wheels: Balance Bike Summer Camps 
This week long camp is designed to introduce young children, ages 2.5-5, to the joy of cycling. Children ride balance bikes (no-pedal bikes) with skilled instructors in a safe environment while having fun and playing games, learning important skills such as stopping, balancing and gliding. Balance bikes help children to gain confidence, improve their self esteem and risk management. In addition, the children learn some road signs and safety rules of the road. The camp is designed for all levels – from beginners to advanced riders. Join us for a fun week! Bikes and helmets are provided for the week. 
Kids on Wheels Zones
Find us at events throughout the city. Young kids can come and practice riding our balance bikes in our fun interactive riding course, and to practice pumping tires and fixing flats in our cool mechanic corner.
Kids on Wheels in Daycares and Preschools 
We offer a five-day program in daycares and preschools. We come to the daycares with our skilled instructors and all the gear. The children ride balance bikes in a fun interactive course which we change every day, practice stopping and turning, play games and pump tubes in our mechanic corner. We also read books and do art projects about biking. On Friday we usually end the week with a bike celebration with the parents.
Maya Goldstein, Kids on Wheels Founder & Manager:
Facebook: KidsOnWheelsBC/
Here is a short video about Kids on Wheels!

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