On Building Bike Lanes Faster…

This is a collection of articles that explain cycling infrastructure…
I hope you find some of them useful.

Richard Campbell writes well-researched articles about biking …
here’s his thoughts about building bike lanes:
Let’s Speed Up Building Bike Lanes

Dr. John Pucher talks in Seattle about bike infrastructure and changing cities,
long but informative with interesting slide presentations:
Dr. John Pucher: Cycling Cities

I don’t ride a bike, why should I support cycling infrastructure:
The Times Article: Cycling 2013

The Netherlands, Denmark and Germany have constantly worked over the
last 40 years improving their cities for better walking and cycling:
Bicycle Dutch: Making a 1960s street grid fit for the 21st century

Here’s a video from a small town in the Netherlands
showing their cycling infrastructure – a dream come true. What I find most amazing is that they only started
in 1972 and it was a challenge to get things changed… but they did it and
look at the results:  Gronnigen Cycling Video

London’s Mayor has a huge plan for the city.  Let’s hope it happens: Mayor’s Vision for Cycling in London 2013

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