RIDES: Let’s Go Biking is a gathering of easy rides. All routes are S-l-o-w-B-i-k-i-n-g-  sightseeing, meandering, exploring, enjoying and stopping along the way. I ride and search for the safest, scenic and fun routes, preferably off-road and away from cars, on quiet country roads, hardpacked trails and sometimes singletracks. Even when there is a more direct route, I always take the fun way.

EQUIPMENT:  Most rides are suitable for hybrid or mountain bike tires. Take a repair kit with spare tube, patches, tire remover, pump. Use a helmet, lights at all times, and take a lock.

RIGHT OF WAY: Yield to pedestrians and equestrians — use voice or bell when passing. Approach horses slowly, ask rider if ok to pass, stop if necessary, give a wide berth. Ride single file on roads. If trails are marked hiking only, walk or lock your bike and explore on foot.

EASY RIDES: All routes are variations of easy, however what is considered easy for one person may be a challenge for another.

  • Easy: Easiest routes, mostly off road trails, quiet country roads, side streets, and shorter distances
  • Moderate: More challenging trails or roads; may have hills, some shared road sections, longer distances and directions
  • Adventurous: Complex routes, longer distances or hills, shared road sections, challenging directions

MAPS: Each map is a route aid, not to scale, and does not show all roads and trails. Information was accurate when printed, but things change! Outdoor activities involve an element of risk; by using the information on this blog each person is agreeing to be solely responsible for his/her safety. Author/Publisher disclaim any liability with use of information; check ahead for current conditions, know your limitations, consult other maps before you ride, be safe and have FUN! Check for updates, report corrections to colleenmacd@gmail.com


This blog is a labour of love; my passion is finding and sharing fun places to explore near Vancouver and beyond.  
©Colleen MacDonald 2017-09-07