#77 Canyon to Coast Trail – Experience the Fraser

One day we will be able to cycle
from Hope to Steveston
along the Fraser River
550 kilometers, a chain of parks
Oh Wow !

The Coast to Canyon Trail ~ Experience the Fraser will connect Hope to the Salish sea along the Fraser River by means of a network of over 550 kilometres of trail, 43% of which is already in place along regional, municipal and community trails and blueways. The trail will connect communities, parks, natural areas, historic and cultural sites and other experiences along the river. The intent of the goal is to draw upon the rich natural and cultural heritage along the river, to better integrate the waterway into the lives of residents and visitors thereby fostering a stronger sense of place and stewardship. The trail and Blueway networks will provide a wide variety of recreational opportunities that promote active, healthy living for lower Fraser River residents.

… more information on the FVRD website , MetroVan video and  Experience Fraser article

ETF vision map west

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 6.57.31 AM

Some of the project is already in place and many of Let’s Go Biking routes touch stretches of the Fraser River:

#3 Fort to Fort Trail
#8 South Dyke Trail
#9 Pitt River Greenway
#10 Barnston Island
#12 Maple-Meadows Circle
#13 Cranberry Trail
#19 Fraser Foreshore Park
#20 Fraser River Park
#21 Fraser River Trail
#22 Matsqui
#30 West Dyke Trail
#36 New Westminster Quay
#38 Surrey Greenways
#47 Queensborough
#55 Iona Jetty
#58 Poco Trail
#60 Westham Island
#61 Brunswick Trail Ladner
#62 Deas Island + Millenium Trail
#63 Great Blue Heron Way
#64 Ladner Circle
#70 Round the Fraser
#71 Abbotsford Roller Coaster
#85 Richmond Loop
#87 Glen Valley
#88 UBC Southlands
#109 New Westminster Heritage Loop
#115 Three Bridges
#127 Sea Island

8 Fraser IMG_1743

#21 Fraser River Trail ~ Southlands


#47 Queensborough to Lulu Island Trail


#47 Queensborough Trestle

Fishing boats on the Fraser

Lulu Island Trail – art  and info along this stretch

View of New Westminster from Queensborough

A pedestrian and cyclist bridge is proposed from New Westminster Quay to Queensborough. Called the Q2Q ~ Quay to Queensborough it will link the communities and provide a valuable connection on the Canyon to Coast Experience the Fraser route

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