Hello Smooth ~ Kinekt Seatpost

Want to have a smoother ride? I recently tried the great Kinekt suspension seat post from Cirrus Cycles. I loved how it smoothed out my ride! 

On a cycling trip to Washington’s Centennial Trail we met the product’s inventor – Paul Barkley – and learned how he came up with the idea for this shock absorbing seatpost when he was working with the Peace Corps in Uganda. For his job he rode by bike over long distances on rough roads. With his experience as a bike mechanic and frame designer, he invented a first version of this seatpost to smooth out his daily ride, improve his endurance, and reduce fatigue. It made all the difference to his ride and knowing that others would benefit from improved cycling comfort, he brought it to market.

The seatpost was quick and easy to install on the bike and I headed out on some of my roughest local trails. This gadget really smoothed out the cracks, potholes and uneven terrain. It gave a soft, floating sensation, not bouncy like the old seat springs we had on our kid bikes. After a few days of trying it I was able to go longer and farther than I would usually ride without the seatpost, arrived home less fatigued, with no aches and pains after the ride. Perfect for any bike, any surface and any body, the seatpost really smooths out the bumps. The Kinekt seat post is available for gravel bikes, road bikes, eBikes, Fat Tires, hybrids, and tandems. 

The seatpost is available in Vancouver at Pedego Bikes on Broadway, Ohm Cycles North Vancouver and in Washington State.  To find out more visit cirruscycles.com

If you are looking for a smoother ride with more comfort and less fatigue, I highly recommend this great new product.
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