Pender Island

Let’s go Island Hopping! Pender Island is one of the larger of the Gulf Islands and great for biking. All of the islands are hilly just remember… every climb leads to an exhilarating downhill. We love heading out on the ferry to the islands for a weekend whenever we get the chance.  There’s lots to explore on Pender Island.

Distance: 19 km each way, 38km return

For lots more information and great routes on all the Gulf Islands, get your copy of the new Let’s Go Biking to Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands and Sunshine Coast

Poet’s Cove Resort at Bedwell Harbour. Stay for the night, enjoy the steam cave, outdoor pools and hot tubs, and dinner overlooking the harbour

Load up your panniers with everything you need for the weekend. Park in the long term lot and take the ferry. Be sure to arrive at the terminal 45 minutes before sailing — it takes time to figure out the ticketing and there is a time-limit cutoff of 20 mins  for bike-aboards

Forgot your bike? Rentals available at Poet’s Cove

Brooks Point Regional Park – well worth a visit. We stayed for two hours, would have loved to spend the whole day

Seaside walks with tide pools brimming with sealife

Biggest Boulders…along Gowlland Point Rd

No buses on Pender Island… they have Car Stops instead!

Thanks to Cheryl Papove for the great blog pictures …

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