Confederation to New Brighton … Parks, that is !

Today’s ride joins two parks – Confederation Park in Burnaby and New Brighton in Vancouver. The two parks are linked via The Great Trail. New Brighton Park is one of my favourite ‘beginner-riders’ parks – cycling up and down the pathways.

Start from Confederation Park in Burnaby. Explore the park’s trails and playgrounds then head to the north end and ride  the Trans Canada Trail along Penzance Drive to Willingdon Avenue.  Follow the signs through McGill Park and Montrose Park. Continue west alongside railyards and the grain elevator to the entrance of New Brighton Park.  The grain is brought there by train from the middle of Saskatchewan and shipped all over the world. You might see a ship loading with grain when you are cycling around the park.

Distance: 4.5km each way, 9km return
Rating: Easy hardpacked trails

Trail goes UNDER the IronWorkers Bridge

Stop over the train tunnel and hopefully you will see a train.  The tunnel goes 3.4 km under Burnaby to Willingdon and Dawson


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