Ride 67 /

Delta Watershed

There’s a very unassuming park in the Delta Watershed that runs along Cougar Creek and beside Burns Bog. You feel as if you are miles away from the world on this woodsy trail with a river beside it. There are options – take the easy short ride for beginners, explore singletrack trails in Watershed and Joe Brown Parks, or ride to Boundary Bay for great views.

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Beavers at Work!  In the winter, the trail on the west side of the creek is often flooded or muddy.  There is a parallel trail on the east side of the creek between 72 Avenue and Nordel Way.

ProofRider Bob says, “If I could offer one suggestion that might help other riders choosing the Watershed ride, it would be how to easily find where the ride commences on River Rd. We spent quite a bit of time determining exactly where we got onto the “Greenway”, as it’s quite obscure and not easily seen from the road. If it simply noted that: “the ride commences right next door to the Tidewater Pub, on the west side”, it might help other riders.”

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