Elliott Bay Trail

Every now and then it’s fun to explore somewhere else.  We headed south to Seattle this summer and found some fun rides.

1. Elliott Bay Trail –
Right from our hotel in the city center, we rode down a S T E E P hill towards the waterfront and picked up the paved pathway and headed north. At Broad Street the pathway officially becomes the Elliott Bay Trail.  Take a detour through the Sculpture Garden – bikes are allowed and meander through the art.  For a surprising twist – head to the southwest corner of the garden to a building that looks like a subway station and (hopefully it is open) go inside and see the tree garden where nothing was planted, it’s what the forest does with a fallen tree !

Art along the pathway. Nice segway from the storage company in the background to the installation called “Purge”

Sculpture garden

Elliott Bay Trail – paved and separated pathway — all the way

Richard Serra art in the Sculpture Garden

The green glass roofed building houses a very surprising piece of art — or is it art? Well worth a visit here…

Installing the fallen tree into the space. Come and see what happened … no ~ nothing was planted !!!!!

Fishing Wharf along the Elliott Bay Trail. Note the view of Seattle in the distance

The trail continues through the Port lands … and you can choose to head east towards Magnolia and Discovery Park or continue along the shoreline and visit Smith Cove Park with views to the cruise ship dock.  And a little further along is the Elliott Bay Marina — a good place for a bite to eat.

Wayfinding in Seattle is well done… easy to follow and all routes are linked


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