Slocan Valley Rail Trail

Winding gently through one of the most beautiful river valleys in British Columbia, the Slocan Valley Rail Trail offers easy access to 50 km of breath-taking scenery. Following the contours of the Slocan River, the trail makes its way from Slocan Lake to the Kootenay River.  For those who like road biking, the roads to the west of the trail make for an easy add-on loop. There’s swimming and rafting in the river, watch for ospreys fishing and enjoy the quiet Slocan Valley. For detailed trail information with ideas for daytrips, links and so much more visit

There’s great food in the valley: Slocan – Flacas Bistro, Harold Street Cafe; Winlaw – Valley View Golf Course Clubhouse, Mama Sita’s Cafe, Sissies; Crescent Valley – Frog Peak Cafe; South Slocan – The Dam

Popular Daytrips are Passmore to Winlaw 12.5km, Crescent Valley to Winlaw 25km, or take the Slocan Valley bus #20 to a trailhead and ride from there!


For map and route information, helpful tips and day trip suggestions, pick up a copy the new guidebook Let’s Go Biking the the Okanagan & Beyond at your local bookstore or bikeshop or order online.

“We stayed at the Paradise Valley Lodge – a relaxing retreat nestled in the woods. It’s open all year round…enjoy brilliant fall colours in the valley and crisp sunny days. In winter you can snowshoe or cross-country ski and the trail is great for cycling from spring to fall.”


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