It’s Spring! 2024

Where do you like to ride?

There’s lots of excitement in the cycling world these days as more infrastructure is being announced and safe active transportation is being built in communities all over BC.

I’m happy to include new routes on the blog and in the books.

~ Please let me know if there’s a great route to ride near you!

             ~  Colleen

Enjoy these fun routes for families, seniors and explorers of all ages

who like to stop and smell the roses. 

How to find a copy … link to stores map or order online at

Around Vancouver 

Okanagan and Beyond

Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands & Sunshine Coast

Here’s a great spring accessory … the cozy Let’s Go Biking Neckwarmer. 

Books, ebooks, neckwarmers and exploring available at

Happy Riding! ~ Colleen

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