Join HUB Cycling

HUB Cycling works on our behalf to make Metro Vancouver a safe and fun place to bike. I strongly support their goals and donate proceeds of book sales to HUB Cycling.

With the provincial election behind us, we are in a unique position to make equitable demands from the new government on safer streets for people of all ages and abilities. We need to put pressure on elected officials to take action on safer biking. To ensure success, we need your support as a HUB Cycling member. 

Membership for as little as $20 a year will help make a big impact on HUB’s advocacy efforts.

HUB Cycling says, “the more members we have, the more strength we have at the decision-making table in our calls for: 

modernizing the Motor Vehicle Act, including increased fines for dangerous driving behaviour and increased fines for motorist negligence causing injury or death
investment in green COVID-19 recovery efforts, including a commitment to building cycling facilities thereby creating more affordable and sustainable transportation options
commitment to meeting Vision Zero road safety targets of eliminating fatalities and serious injuries on the province’s roads
funding cycling education for children across the province to raise a generation of sustainable transportation users and safer road users.
province-wide investment in active infrastructure building efforts to encourage more eco-friendly tourism within our province. 

With YOUR voice as a memberwe can do more to ensure decision-makers hear our demand for safer and more accessible cycling for all ages and abilities.

From advocacy to education to community-building events, HUB Cycling works on your behalf to make Metro Vancouver a safe and fun place to bike. Please consider joining HUB Cycling.

~ Colleen

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