Neck Warmer + Neck Cooler

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  • Product details: 100% polyester microfibre, soft, one ply, comfortable fit, machine washable
  • Reader’s Neck Warmer Hacks: send your hack to
  • 1 – NeckCooler – Wet it and wear it to keep cool in summer (tip from JP)
  • 2 – Bugs? Wear it like a face mask when hiking so those midges can’t get in your ears!
  • 3 – Pillow Hack – pin the openings and stuff with a puffy jacket for an instant camping pillow
  • 4 – Eyeshade – cut the neckwarmer in half – voila – two eyeshades! (sent by EP)
  • 5 – Bandana – cut neckwarmer into a square and wear as a bandana (tip by TB)

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