For those who love grasslands, singletracks and exploring … come to Merritt! There are four designated riding areas with a variety of green, blue and black diamond rides: Swakum Mountain, Iron Mountain, Sugarloaf and Coutlee Plateau.

The Merritt Mountain Bike Association (MMBA) organizes beginner rides and has lots of trail information. Most of the local trails are on Trailforks.

The Tom Lacey Trail is a popular hiking/cycling trail. It switchbacks up the north side of the valley with beautiful views and is open year round. It’s a great out and back and often there will be more hikers than bikers on it. For an easy access with minimal climbing, drive up to the flagpole and make your way across Tom Lacey and back along the hillside with some great views.

All of Merritt’s trails are walker/horse friendly.

Another great area is the Coutlee Plateau a little closer to town and where the MMBA has beginner ride loops like the small Flojo Loop.  The hardest part of the climb is the very start so it gets it out of the way fast there is also the option to go up Pond Scum if you prefer a harder climb but you get a great swamplands view along the way. A very nice out and back is also just to walk The Cow Trail path to the end and back its a nice green double track that just rolls along. For someone looking for Intermediate hiking/cycling I would suggest looking into the Too Much Info Trail. It loops back and forth across the mountain and at the end of each switchback you get a really nice view that gets higher with each corner it also follows beside our newly rebuilt Ridge trail so you might be able to see some riders making there way down some super steep rock faces.

Sugarloaf Mountain has some great trails around Marquet and Lundbom Lakes and further east the Kane Valley trails are easy to access with good signage and nice scenery.

For those who like a challenge, this year’s Merritt Crown links all four areas together and promises to be exciting event. For more information visit Merritt Crown or Pinkbike.

Video of Tom Lacey Trail and Supra Swakum Ridge Merritt

Explore the Town’s Walking Loops on foot or bike. Here’s the map and a link to great directions.

The grasslands around Merritt are a unique ecosystem and there is much information on the Laurie Guichon Memorial Grasslands Interpretive Site.. The Laurie Guichon Memorial Grasslands Interpretive Site is an initiative  to educate the public about the significance of grasslands. 

Kentucky-Alleyne Lakes Loops

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