Surrey Parks Loop: Green Timbers, Bear Creek, Surrey Lake + Fleetwood

Explore this 20km loop of Surrey Parks and greenways: Green Timbers Park, Bear Creek, Surrey Lake and Fleetwood Park.  The route follows greenways and quiet streets and meanders through parts of Surrey you might never have seen before!  Most of the parks have trails that are super for easy cycling for the kids and you may want to ride longer and explore each of the parks. The route is accessible from King George Skytrain station. Thanks to Tim Yzerman – HUB Surrey for sending this route and link to the tracks on Ride with GPS. Tim says, “I ride this route quite often to go to and from the Fleetwood area and there is beautiful scenery. The ride follows mostly side streets and trails. The route between Newton and Surrey Lake Park can be a little confusing  for those who do not know the area.”

Here’s a link to Tim’s route on Ride With GPS – it’s fun to follow these tracks as the route takes lots of twists and turns.

Here’s the cue sheet (proof-riding appreciated –

  1. Start at Green Timbers Park, ride SOUTH on park trails to intersection of 96th Ave & Fraser Hwy, RIGHT/S on Cascara Trail, RIGHT/W Green Timbers Greenway
  2. LEFT/S Kenmore and continue SOUTH on signed bike route: 138 St, RIGHT/W 91 Ave, LEFT/S 137a St, Chrichton, RIGHT/S Lauder, cross 88 Ave
  3. Enter Bear Creek Park, explore the trails, gardens, playgrounds and ride the train!
  4. Exit park at S/E corner, (see alert!) RIGHT/S 140 St, RIGHT/W 80 Ave, LEFT/S 138a St, RIGHT/W 79 Ave, LEFT/S 138 St
  5. At Frank Hurt schoolgrounds go LEFT/E on trail and emerge at 140 St, continue EAST on 76 Ave, RIGHT/S 140a St, LEFT/E 75a Ave, RIGHT/S 142 St, RIGHT/W 75 Ave
  6. LEFT/S 141a St, LEFT/E 72a Ave, LEFT/N 143 St through Nichol Park, RIGHT/E 74a Ave, RIGHT/S 144 St, LEFT/E 74 Ave, LEFT/N 146 St, RIGHT/E 74 Ave
  7. Cross 148 St and take trail, continue EAST on 73b Ave, continue on trail, LEFT/N 149a St,
  8. EAST on first trail on right hand side into Chimney Hill Park, LEFT/N on next trail and follow 76 Ave, cross 150a St, continue on trail to 75a Ave, LEFT/N 151a St, RIGHT/E 76 Ave
  9. RIGHT/S 152 St *on east/far side of the street, LEFT/E enter Surrey Lake Park and explore the many trails!
  10. Exit park at N/E corner onto 156 St, RIGHT/E 76a Ave and enter Fleetwood Park. There are lots of trails to loop around here!
  11. Exit Fleetwood Park crossing 80 Ave, NORTH on 158 St becomes Venture, cross Fraser Hwy, LEFT/W 87 Ave, RIGHT/N 158 St, cross 88 Ave, continue NORTH on trail between houses, continue NORTH on 158 St
  12. LEFT/W 93a Ave becomes 157a St, RIGHT/E 95 Ave, LEFT/N on trail just past 158 St, LEFT/W Green Timbers Greenway, back to start!

Please let me know if you explored and enjoyed this route! And please advise if there are any typos or improvements to the directions.  It’s a work in progress!  (

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