#11 Central Valley Greenway

A multi-use pedestrian and cycling route linking New Westminster, Burnaby and Vancouver, the CVG – Central Valley Greenway is a great place to walk, run or ride. The route is flat, separated and safe with many parks, shopping and transit hubs along the way.  Start from either end for a 25km linear ride or return on BC Parkway for a 50km loop.



LINK to Printable Map 011 CENTRAL VALLEY GREENWAY 2018-03-12

The Translink Buzzer Blog tells everything you need to know about the CVG.

Translink’s 2010 Map shows lots of places to visit and things to do along the way.

Translink CVG Map 2010

Central Valley Greenway bridge at Sperling Ave

Art along the way – and useful Art at that !

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