Gabriola Island

This summer explore more of the Gulf Islands.  Gabriola Island is just off Nanaimo and accessible by a short ferry ride.

Distance: 40km loop

For lots more information and great routes on all the Gulf Islands, pick up a copy of Cycling the Islands by John Crouch

Here’s the route:
– Just off the ferry climb the hill and take first RIGHT on South Road.
– Follow South Road and it’s undulating hills to the eastern end of the island stopping near the United Church near Thompson Road to see the Petroglyphs.
– You can take a side trip to Drumbeg Park or stop at Pages Marina and Silva Bay Resort has a great restaurant and stores.
– Follow North Road heading west along the top of the island taking a side trip to Sandwell Park.
-The Malaspina Galleries are one of the best things to see on the island – follow Taylor Bay Road to Malaspina Drive, park your bike and walk out to the sea-carved rocks.

Pages Marina has bike and kayak rentals

Silva Bay Pub and Marina

The United Church – next to the Petroglyph Trail

There are petroglyphs to see – pick up a copy of the Walking Trails Map at the Silva Bay Pub – a bargain for only $3/.

Some of the Petroglyphs are outlined in chalk


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