Gabriola Island

This summer explore more of the Gulf Islands.  Gabriola Island is just off Nanaimo and accessible by a short ferry ride.

Distance: 40km loop

For lots more information and great routes on all the Gulf Islands, pick up a copy of Cycling the Islands by John Crouch

Here’s the route:
1. Just off the ferry climb the hill and take first RIGHT on South Road.
2. Follow South Road and it’s undulating hills to the eastern end of the island stopping near the United Church near Thompson Road to see the Petroglyphs.
3. You can take a side trip to Drumbeg Park or stop at Pages Resort for coffee and scones.
4. Follow North Road heading west along the top of the island taking a side trip to Sandwell Park.
5. The Malaspina Galleries are one of the best things to see on the island – follow Taylor Bay Road to Malaspina Drive, park your bike and walk out to the sea-carved rocks.

• On Gabriola there are amazing petroglyphs to see – pick up a copy of the Walking Trails Map at Li’l Market at Page’s Resort – a bargain for only $5

Page’s Resort Group has two properties with secluded seaside cottages and suites, pristine grounds surrounded by forests and ocean views, a full service marina, campground and meeting space for retreats. They have kayak and mountain bike rentals, a bookstore featuring local authors as well as charts and the best of marine publications.  Li’l market provides a wide selection of food and products locally made or grown on Gabriola Island. While there is no longer a restaurant at Silva Bay Marina, Page’s Resort has fresh coffee and scones to enjoy.

The United Church – next to the Petroglyph Trail

There are petroglyphs to see – pick up a copy of the Walking Trails Map at the Silva Bay Pub – a bargain for only $3/.

Some of the Petroglyphs are outlined in chalk


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