Seymour Valley

Ride in the Seymour Lower Conservation Reserve on a car-free paved multi-use trail rolling through the forest to the Seymour Dam. A great ride on a hot summer’s day under the canopy of hundred-year-old trees. Bring a picnic and enjoy the lake view from the observation point, explore the Bear Creek Bridge, peek at the fish hatchery, then return via same trail or try the hilly adventurous Spur 4 route on the east side of Seymour River.

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Check before you go: Seymour Valley Advisories

Rider’s Notes: “Spur 4 route is very hilly, steep in some sections, with rougher terrain and boardwalks, though that was fun.” 

Giant Cedar on East side of Seymour River

Old Growth Trail

Bear Island Bridge joins trail on east side of river

Spur 4 Route (for advanced + adventuresome riders)


Fishermans Trail

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