Wheeeee! E-Bikes are Fun!

Everyone’s asking about eBikes:
1.  What are they like?
2.  When should I get one?
3.  How do I know what to get?

I say:
1.  eBikes are Fun!
2.  You should get one now!
3.  Your local bike store will help find the best eBike for you!

I am happiest when I’m toodling about town, riding with friends, and exploring new trails.  I didn’t plan to get an eBike until I was ready – thinking that would be years away!  When I injured my foot I used an eBike and planned to sell it afterwards — but soon found out — an eBike is Fun!  I go further and faster, am able to ride mountain trails that were previously too long or too steep, zip up the hills of West Vancouver with ease, and go longer distances on flat dyke trails.  Riding an eBike is life changing — it opened a whole new world. 

eBikes are not just for people who ‘need them’.  You can find eBike riders of all ages riding all types of terrain. It’s an eRevolution and there are eBikes for every type of rider from mountain bikes to cargo bikes and commuter bikes.  The newer bikes are lighter, smoother, faster, ‘cooler’ and eBike technology is changing fast. On a recent trip to the Dolomites we found that 90% of the riders were on eBikes, including kids. 

In a recent Vancouver Sun article, Kevin Griffin writes, “As the number of cyclists riding bicycles for commuting and recreation continues to increase, the kind of bikes they are using is also changing. More people than ever are riding electric bicycles.”  Blog reader James writes: “We are very keen cyclists, and have just gone over to eBikes. The eBikes are a gift to us, we are now able to enjoy our steep countryside as we had not for the last 10 years.

People ask if there is enough exercise?  Absolutely!  eBikes are peddle assist – you are pedalling and moving.  Exercise is the best thing we can do for our health and studies show that eBikes are having an impact on heart disease, diabetes, cancer and depression by getting more people cycling more often. Recent studies show that eBike riders actually get more exercise than regular cyclists! 

Finding the right eBike for you is key and your local bike shop is the best place to start, see the list below. (Note: buy from a reputable bike shop that can service both the bike and the battery. Used bikes with older batteries might be no longer serviceable.) You will be able to go further than before so be sure to check for a minimum battery range of 75-125 km.

 Happy eBiking ~ give it a try ~ Colleen 

My Giant Liv eBike is a peppy and fun bike, just right for Let’s Go Biking exploring! What I like most about this fun Giant bike is the huge battery range of 75-125km so I can go on nice l-o-n-g rides.

Hello Fun Photo thanks to Pedego Electric Bicycles


Where to find eBikes + Let’s Go Biking Books!

My bike is a Giant Liv Vall-E+ from Whistler Bike Co.

Cit-E-Cycles 3466 West Broadway 
Cycle City Tours – 648 Hornby, 1344 Burrard
Comor Sports, 4th & Burrard, Vancouver
Ebike BC, 1685 Ingleton Ave, Burnaby
Reckless Electric Bikes, 1357 Hornby St, Vancouver
Sidesaddle Bike Shop, 3469 Commercial Street, Vancouver

North Shore
Ohm Cycles, 103-930 Harbourside, North Vancouver 
Comor Sports, 1445 Main St, North Vancouver

New Westminster & TriCities – PoCoMo
Cap’s Bicycle Store, 434A E Columbia St, New Westminster
Cap’s Bicycle Shop, 2840 Saint Johns Street, Port Moody

Krusty’s Bikes 135-8460 Alexandra Rd, Richmond

Fraser Valley & Delta
Pedego Electric Bikes #106 – 6388 Market Avenue, Delta, BC
Cit-E-Cycles Electric Bikes 19967 96 Ave, Langley

Surrey & White Rock
Rocky Cycle  7143 King George Hwy, Surrey
The Bike Zone  2393 King George Blvd, Surrey

Around BC
Double O Bikes, Osoyoos
Cyclepath – Kelowna
Pedego Electric Bikes -Victoria & Nanaimo
Giant Bikes – various locations



What eBike do you ride?  Send a photo and we’ll share our eBike joy.

Janet R scoots around on her Giant Explore “with a range of 75-125km it’s great in the city and on easy trails.”

Ohm eBikes are Fun for exploring city and forest trails and great for commuting, too.

Sue has a Pedego and says, “I really like it.”

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