Winter Exploring 2023

Hi Blog Readers and Riders!  


~ I hope you’re all enjoying this great weather we’ve been having so far this fall!  I’ve been out more in November than I ever thought possible and am looking forward to lots more exploring through the winter.


~ There are so many places in BC where we can ride all year round including the Lower Mainland and many parts of Vancouver Island. Speaking of exploring, I’d love to hear where you like to ride in the winter.


~ It’s great to have a good neckwarmer and map to send you on your way and we’re offering a couple of good specials for you.                    ~  Colleen


Let’s Go Biking books have something for everyone, from flat scenic rail trails to country roads, to mountain trails and new e-bike routes.  Enjoy these fun routes for families, seniors and explorers of all ages who like to stop and smell the roses. 

Available at your local bookstore, gift shop or bike shop:

Link to stores map or order online at

Around Vancouver 

Okanagan and Beyond

Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands & Sunshine Coast



Winter 2023 Specials for the Let’s Go Biking Club:

1. Neckwarmers on sale now at a great price!

2. Free! neckwarmer with every book order

placed between Dec 1-10, 2023  (*print books only)


This month’s feature is Winter Riding.

How to get out and ride … here’s the link to

Cold Weather Tips just for you !






Books, ebooks, neckwarmers and exploring available at

Happy Riding! ~ Colleen


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