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Burnaby Scenic + Adanac Bikeway Loop

Enjoy this scenic loop on Burrard Inlet, around the city, and along Adanac Bikeway. You’ll see the inlet, North Shore Mountains, Port of Vancouver, Strathcona, and East Van. Start from Vancouver or Burnaby ― either way it’s a great route.

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Scenic Trail caution – some steep hills with loose gravel

The trail emerges at Confederation Park

New Brighton Park is one of my favourite places to ride

The Lions dominate the harbour views along the Portside Bikeway

Crab Park – north end of Main Street Vancouver

Digital Orca by Douglas Copeland – at the Convention Center – top level

Thanks to Proof-Rider Janet and her riders from Washington for corrections on this route!  Keep ’em coming Proof-Riders!

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