Tucked away under New Westminster’s bridges is a quiet island getaway. In summer, the Q2Q Ferry runs from Westminster Quay to Port Royal. With very little traffic, a pathway around the eastern tip and a long dyke trail, there’s lots to explore in Queensborough.

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 Exciting News – the ferry continues from Quayside to Queensborough! Now you can take the ferry from Westminster Quay over to Queensborough for lunch at Rozzini’s or Tugboat Annies – we did that this week!  Read more here Q to Q Ferry 

Erin writes, “Tugboat Annie’s doesn’t allow any minors, but you can order from their menu in the cafe around back where you can sit with kids (no high chairs though).” 

Start of Port Royal bike path

Miles away from the city on the dyke trail.

This must be the only bike path in a mall!


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