#56 Nicomekl River

The Nicomekl River starts from a spring east of Langley and meanders 34km west to Mud Bay near Crescent Beach. Today we’re exploring Langley’s Flood Plain Trail and making a loop of a few nature trails in the area. I love the name of this one … Nicomekl …  “from the Halq’emeylem used by the Stó:lō people, meaning “the route to go” or “the pathway”.  This is an easy ride, 15 km total and can be done as a loop or broken into smaller routes.


Link to Printable Map: 056 NICOMEKL – 2018-03-05

Nicomekl River Watershed map

High Knoll Park Trails on the flats – have to lift your bike up the stairs (how about adding a stair rail – Langley?)

Brydon Park Nature Lagoon – walk the nature trail

Pleasantdale Creek  Trail – hard packed with a few small hills

Oh yes…I love ducks…but this picture is your signpost – Sendall Gardens is just south of this pond – take the trail to the right of  the duck pond

Take this bridge for Pleasantside Trail

Be sure to add in Sendall Gardens – worth the trip to see this small pocket garden, especially the statue of Ernest!

Ernest Sendall waits for visitors at Sendall Park


Reader’s Note 2017: “We enjoyed our ride on #56 and seeing a different section of Langley. We had also considered taking our grandson in a bike trailer but glad we reconsidered as a lot of this trail is unsuitable for chariots.”

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